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    Jinan DIYA Industry Co.,Ltd is a private enterprise,which insists on “Credit comes first, Ethics in business”. Our core value is “virtue oriented, social commitment” since it was founded in 1998.Our coperation culture rooted in profound Chinese troditional culture ,and embodied the essence of Confucian culture.Based on that we go the international way that takes the technology as the guide.We have succeed in building materials production,technology services,international trade,innovation since we founded 16 years ago,and DIYA has been named the “National Science and Technology Incubator” by the national science and technology department,which is the Comprehensive Platform with functions of Technology Innovation, Enterprise supporting, Market Financing, Talented person Training, and Integrated Services.

   Strength ,the foundation of enterprise development

   Jinan DIYA Industry Co.,Ltd is located in the No.2766 Yingxiu Road,New & Hi-Tech Zone,Jinan.The DIYA Park covers 21401㎡,and the building area is 69800㎡.The Park is fully furnished,and it is in elegant environment.We have the modern office building, high standard configuration research building,standard production building,and we also have the standard parking lot, restaurants,gym,entertaiments facilities to meet all the staff need. All the fixed assets of the DIYA Park is over RMB 500 million yuan,and sales is more than 100 million yuan RMB per year.

   Technology, the way to achieve growth and stronger

   When we started our company,based on the open business idea, international perspective and our high standard position,we cooperated with famous American brand “TIFFANY”, focused on creating consumption-low, pollution – free,environment-friendly whole cabinet and bathroom products.We registered the independent brand“DIFENNI”in the State Trademark Office brand,and we passed the standard of quality management system of ISO 9001.Our products are sold all over the country and exported to Austrilia. Jinan DIYA Industry Co.,Ltd is named the top 10 excellent cabinet businesses in consecutive years.It was awarded the "Jinan Famous Brand" title and won the prize of“value contracts, keep credibility”company in 2009.

   Contingent building,the fundamental guarantee for the corporation's sustainable development

   People-oriented and multi development is the enterprise purpose for long-term development. Let employees receive training,exercises and growth at work,and make they get a sense of accomplishment and reflect their own values during the company’s development.So the company will own a contingent in which the member are technical clearance, also have excellent idea,and strong sense of responsibility. Our company has 118 employees,50% of them had received university education,and 80% of them are young. They are distributed in different departments to contribute their own talent,such as Technology Research Department, Production operation Department, Materials Purchasing Department, Corporate Services Department and so on.

    Technology Business Incubator, a business development accelerator

    The whole Park construction enters a stage of rapid development,since Jinan DIYA Industry Co.,Ltd became the base of the new drug and medical devices and technology business incubator.The DIYA Park has finished the construction in 2010, and was named the“Pioneering Park for Overseas Chinese Scholars”by National Science and Technology Department and Human Resources Department.The DIYA Technology Business Incubator was identified as the provincial science and technology business incubator by Shandong Province Science and Technology Departmentin in 2011,and national technology business incubator by National Science and Technology Department in 2013.

    There have been 131 enterprises settled in the incubator,and over 75% of them are Biomedical companies.There are 4 experts getting the title of “Recruitment Program of Global Experts,7 experts getting the title of “Taishan Scholars”,and 33 experts getting the title of “Jinan 5150 Experts”.The incubator output value is1.189 billion yuan RMB in 2013.

The DIYA Incubator is the accelerator of the comprehensive development of Jinan DIYA Industry Co.,Ltd.

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