Japan to develop a highly efficient recycling of rare earth neodymium magnets fr

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    Source: Ministry of Science
        Shimane University in Japan developed under normal temperature and pressure conditions extracted from the waste Neodymium magnet for new technologies. Past rare earth recycling, the use of hydrochloric acid as a solvent at high temperature and pressure, there are some problems, such as efficiency and cost. The integrated Shimane University Faculty of Science and Technology in Japan developed a new technology system, a mixed solution of sulfuric acid and oxalic acid as a solvent, with the use of the kinetic energy of zirconia milling at ambient temperature and pressure to scrap magnet powder after demagnetization treated comprehensive treatment , obtained at low cost and efficient use of available industrial purity of more than 80% high purity neodymium oxalate, neodymium magnet of waste can be nearly 100% recovery.
        Japan has been released by the Ministry of International Patent Office on March 17, 2014 the Patent Publication No. invention of the art methods, Shimane University-based research team is working with the Japanese recycling and chemical equipment business aspects cooperate to further improve the recovery Purity and enhance recovery capabilities of the system. Meanwhile, the research team also further studies using this system than the recovery of other rare earth neodymium, rare class resources.
        This technology significantly reduces the cost recovery is considered to be an important breakthrough in the rare earth recovery technology has important significance for the recycling of rare earth resources.

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