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    Jinan High-tech Zone Innovation Center incubator to explore new mode of construc

    TIME:2014-07-17 14:06:06    HITS:2656

        To further promote the bio-pharmaceutical industry development in Jinan, foster biomedical industry cluster, Jinan High-tech Zone Innovation Service Center recently signed a cooperation agreement with the Concordia Industrial Co., Ltd., the joint construction of professional biomedical incubator, by the Jinan High-tech Zone Venture Center is responsible for the introduction of the relevant companies. The incubator area of over 10,000 square meters, can accommodate 44 companies.
        It is understood that the existing Jinan High-tech Zone Innovation Center incubator area 126,000 square meters, the development of space can only accommodate 500 companies, has long been saturated, severely restricted the development of new business incubators and high-level personnel of the hatch. In 2010, the Jinan High-tech Zone Innovation Center combines practical parks and enterprise development, and the Concordia Industrial Company in Jinan, build professional incubator model, expand professional incubator new carrier. By the Jinan High-tech Zone Venture Center is responsible for the introduction of related enterprises, Concordia Company leased its office space to the Jinan High-tech Zone to introduce entrepreneurship center designated enterprise jointly established biomedical incubator. Currently, the center of Jinan High-tech Zone has signed a joint venture to build a cooperation agreement with the enterprise incubator, in January 2011 can be delivered. By then, the problem of insufficient office space biomedical companies, testing, and other small-scale industrialization can be effectively mitigated.
        On this new incubator building, Jinan High-tech Zone Innovation Center is currently leased an area of about 10,495 square meters, a total of 8 floors. In the process, build an incubator, the center focused on biomedical companies inclined to form a gathering area effect, create a biomedical service outsourcing base. Meanwhile, through the aggregation effect enterprise, integrating biomedical projects, talent, technology, markets, capital and other resources, the overall package of supportive policies at all levels of reporting all types of funds, the formation of regional innovation highlights.
        According to statistics, as of now, the intention of incubating Diaz biomedical incubator companies have 15, the proposed lease area of 8380 square meters, covering the areas of drug development, biotechnology and pharmaceutical sales and medical equipment; intention to enter the high-level incubator Concordia talent demand area of about 5,000 square meters, involving high-tech bio-pharmaceutical industries, electronic information, environmental protection and new energy.
        Jinan High-tech Zone Venture Center official said, meaning the joint construction of the incubator is not signed cooperation agreements with several companies, more important is the expansion of the enterprise development space through this mode, providing a suitable carrier for the rapid development of enterprises and projects, so incubator parties can integrate social resources for regional economic development. Next, the Jinan High-tech Zone Innovation Center will continue to look for partners, multi-channel expansion of the area, build an incubator for high-tech companies to provide more development stage.
        In the future, the Jinan High-tech Zone Innovation Center will focus on the development of bio-pharmaceutical industry, nurture students studying business two highlights, good combination of three, four reserves, and strive to achieve five major breakthrough. Three combinations that combine comprehensive and professional hatching incubator, incubator companies with combined cultivation combined with the industry, the introduction of the general staff and to study the introduction of high-level personnel. Four reserves including biomedical park industry investment Suncun good project reserves, good corporate environmental protection and new energy reserves for the professional incubator, good projects and personnel reserve for the international cooperation and the introduction of high-level personnel, to create high-quality high-efficiency good team cadres and backbone reserves. Five refers to strive to break before the end of 2011 has been in the number of business incubators, quality breakthrough, a breakthrough in the planning and construction of the Two Rivers Area Biomedical Park development, to achieve breakthroughs in biomedical industry cluster investment, the trial in the export processing zones base building to achieve a breakthrough, a breakthrough in terms of joint construction incubator.

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