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    Stanford ignite innovation project was first started in China

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        Stanford ignite Beijing project will cover a part of the more than 20,000 high-tech enterprises in Zhongguancun innovation demonstration area network to jointly launch Zhongguancun demonstration area as a new initiative to support innovation and entrepreneurship. The 10-week part-time courses will be taught at Peking University, Stanford advanced teaching equipment center. Currently Online registration has begun. The deadline is May 30, 2014. See conditions and fees relating to enrollment Stanford ignite Beijing project.
        Stanford Business School and Zhongguancun demonstration area venture capital companies signed a memorandum of Jingxi, Jingxi venture will help make Stanford ignite Beijing project marketing and daily operations services.
        Stanford ignite Beijing project will provide basic theory and business contacts to identify, evaluate and promote opportunities for business ideas and other aspects of practical knowledge.
        Students with a strong background in science or technology and innovation and leadership potential will learn core business skills and ideas developed in collaboration with the team will be the experience of a business plan. Stanford ignite project dean, a professor of economics said: "The target audience of this project is to bring innovative and entrepreneurial ideas into their current roles, as well as entrepreneurs who are planning it in school, and innovation. , scientists and engineers can create the necessary tools influential corporate system. "
        MBA program at Stanford University, Stanford University and innovation into the culture and practices of Silicon Valley. The project brings together world-class professor at Stanford Business School MBA program. Zhongguancun demonstration area will work with Stanford University, inviting Chinese executives, investors, legal experts and other participants in the project as a guest lecturer and instructor for the project team to provide practical feedback to further enrich the overall content of the project.
        Students will be in seven weeks Friday night, Saturday and Sunday classes. Stanford ignite project will provide approximately 100 hours of instruction, including classroom instruction, tutoring, as well as guest lecturer and dean of consultation. Prepare and group project time before addition, the project also requires 100-150 hours of lessons. Stanford will receive a certificate after ignition project participants successfully completed the course and become ignited project at Stanford, a member of the alumni network.
        Since this project only for the commercial aspects have not received training in crowd, the applicant must be non-commercial areas in Reading MA, PhD, MD or postdoctoral; or working professionals to get at least an undergraduate degree in the area of certification bodies. A Master's degree is preferred. This project taught by English. Stanford ignite Beijing project will admit at least 30 high-quality qualified applicants.
        In order to make the general public can understand outside of Silicon Valley, Stanford University professor of entrepreneurship and management, unique pattern, Stanford Stanford ignite ignite Beijing project a series of projects in various part-time launch of the fifth Global Innovation Center project. The purpose of this project is to give students direction and innovation needed to lead them to develop their ideas to the next level. 2011, the first project at Stanford Stanford campus start to ignite. 2013, Bangalore, India, and the project started in Paris, France. Bangalore, India, the second phase of the project in progress, San Diego projects will begin in August 2014.

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