China and Vietnam held solar technology Matchmaking

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    Source: Guangxi Science and Technology Agency
        April 18, sponsored by the Science and Technology Department of Guangxi and Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City Science and Technology Department, China - ASEAN Center for Technology Transfer concrete contractors in 2014 China - Vietnam Matchmaking solar technology was successfully held in Ho Chi Minh City. 25 Chinese solar technology production and development of enterprises exhibitors, a total of 20 pairs of Chinese and Vietnamese companies reached a cooperation agreement, the contract amount reached 40 million yuan to preliminary statistics.
        The solar technology Matchmaking is China - ASEAN since the establishment of technology transfer centers, first held special technique docking activities in the ASEAN countries. Activities include China - ASEAN Seminar on solar energy situation and development trend of Chinese enterprises to promote and discuss matchmaking site, corporate site visits to discuss three content. Nearly 90 companies from Chinese solar technology production and development of enterprise organizations with 25 to 40 people invited by the Office of Science and Technology of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh, on behalf of universities and research institutions together about 130 people participated in the technology matchmaking. At the meeting, experts from China and Vietnam and Vietnam on the solar industry to explore the development trend of the exchange; Recommend and shows Chinese enterprises advanced solar technologies and products; projects still on the scene of Vietnamese enterprises and Chinese enterprises are interested in the docking site negotiations.
        Matchmaking has achieved fruitful results. The matchmaking, there are 20 pairs of Chinese and Vietnamese companies reached a cooperation agreement, the contract amount reached 40 million yuan to preliminary statistics. Wide width which Xiji Solar Equipment Co., Ltd. Guangxi Tenda Energy Technology, Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Guangxi Superstar respectively Huang Zhongnan Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Oriental Trading Company in Hanoi, Vietnam Hanoi Imperial Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. signed a contract, the cumulative contract amount more than 15 million yuan. Dongguan Jinsheng Energy Environmental Equipment Co., Ltd. on Matchmaking simultaneously with four Vietnamese enterprises to achieve cooperation. Guangxi Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Applied Physics, University of Nha Trang, Vietnam in solar power, reached a preliminary cooperation intention LED, smart lighting, and power generation technologies, such as research and development and signing of the agreement. Other specific details of the cooperation of enterprises will continue to communicate after the meeting.
    China has a relatively mature solar technology development, and the introduction of advanced solar energy technology in Vietnam has urgent needs.
        The matchmaking held, China and Vietnam have been warmly welcomed by businesses. Successful event was held to promote the transfer of advanced technologies in the field of solar energy between China and Vietnam have laid a good foundation, a strong boost Chinese enterprises to explore the ASEAN market, but also fully embodies the Chinese - ASEAN Center for Technology Transfer, the national important role of international technology transfer platform for promoting technology transfer and innovation cooperation between China and ASEAN countries, and positive results.

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