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    Liu Yandong: accelerate key reforms to stimulate technological innovation and vi

    TIME:2014-07-17 11:44:15    HITS:3664

    Source: Science Daily
        CPC Central Committee, Vice Premier Liu Yandong on research and fund management reforms symposium stressed April 22, technology is an important part of a comprehensive reform to deepen reform, to get rid of all the shackles of innovation-driven development of structural and institutional obstacles, to the power to reform, from reform to find a way to release the creativity of the whole society, give full play to scientific and technological support for the leading role in economic and social development.
        Liu Yandong pointed out that with the rapid growth of science and technology investment and innovation continue to emerge, deepen science and technology system is imminent, we must increase efforts to push forward. To speed up the transformation of a function, the establishment of research and inventory management powers from the government-led innovation to service innovation and change. Second, we must strengthen the basic system construction technology, accelerate the establishment of science and technology reporting, investigation system innovation and technology management information systems. Third, we must strengthen the collaborative science and technology, industry, taxation, finance, policy, implementation of R & D expenses deduction, the project subsidies and other policies, resulting in business-oriented, technology innovation and market-oriented mechanisms. Fourth, we must optimize the innovation ecosystem, non-discriminatory treatment of all types of innovation subject, build strengths, collaborative innovation mechanism linkage elements. Five researchers to improve the evaluation and incentive policies and remuneration system, improving scientific and technological achievements disposal usufruct management approach.
        Liu Yandong stressed the need to deepen the research and fund management reforms to strengthen the co-ordination of various research projects and layout, to avoid duplication dispersed. Accelerate the establishment of an open and transparent reporting, project evaluation system to ensure fair and equitable. Project to overcome heavy and light regulatory issues, improve credit management research for academic misconduct "zero tolerance."

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