"Beijing Technology Innovation Action Plan (2014-2017)," the official release

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    Source: Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission
        May 6, 2014, "Beijing Technology Innovation Action Plan (2014-2017)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Action Plan") press conference held at the Beijing Municipal Government Information Office news conference hall. As the lead organization unit plan of action, the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission Joint Science and Technology Commission, the Municipal Economic and Information Technology Commission, the Municipal       Environmental Protection Bureau, Municipal Committee, Municipal Transportation Commission, City Water, City Health and Family Planning Commission, City of food and drug regulation Bureau and other relevant commissioned Bureau released an action plan and answered questions from the media.
        Action Plan on April 14 officially issued by the Beijing Municipal Government. According to reports, the Beijing-depth implementation of the action plan is to drive the development of innovative strategies and implement "the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee of Beijing Municipal People's Government on deepening the reform to accelerate scientific and technological innovation system in the capital of opinions" (Jing Fa [2012] 12) and the "CPC Beijing Municipal important initiatives on the party's decision to seriously study and implement the spirit of the Third Plenary session of the eighth round of deepening reform "the major concerns of the community responded to the Municipal People's Congress, Municipal CPPCC will deepen reform of the capital and technology to support sustainable urban development .
        Action plan will focus on major national strategic needs and the capital city strategic positioning, accurate grasp of science and technology innovation development objectives and priorities to achieve the path to deepen science and technology system, give full play to the decisive role of market allocation of resources, better play the role of government, accelerating technological innovation system with enterprises as the main body, and constantly improve the capability of independent innovation, promote the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements to promote the application of new technologies and new products, the demand for the major capital cities to promote sustainable development and providing support services to people's livelihood.
        Capital Action Plan Action Blue Sky preliminary determination, the capital construction of ecological environment and environmental protection industry development, urban management and emergency support refinement, the capital of food quality and safety and security, science and technology research and management of major diseases, a new generation of mobile communication technology breakthroughs and industrial development, digital manufacturing foster technological innovation and industrialization, the development of bio-pharmaceutical industry across the rail transportation industry, technical innovation and energy structure for radiation driven future, 12 major projects with the advantages of pilot materials innovation and development, innovation and the development of modern service industry, etc., will draw national science and technology organizational model of major projects, in accordance with the "mature one, start a" principle and dynamic adjustment, the initial start urgent implementation of a number of market demand, technological innovation and the need for more sophisticated basis for further innovation governmental organization and management mechanisms of major projects.
        The Action Plan will be implemented through the organization of major projects, the reform of government science and technology innovation organization, to promote all kinds of scientific and technological resources, major projects and government funding, policy resources to achieve integration, stimulate endogenous dynamics of the whole society to promote technological innovation, promote the formation of government service guide, market allocation of resources, highlighting the corporate body, collaborative innovation and the whole society to participate.
        First substantive action plan proposed classification management philosophy and specific implementation measures, according to the characteristics of technological innovation phase of major projects, major special projects will be divided into direct government organizations, government support to carry out the government encouraged three categories, according to changes in the layout of the innovation chain and project progress can be dynamically adjusted.
        Government in the implementation of the Action Plan will pay attention to correctly handle the relationship with the market, accelerate the transformation of functions and strengthen policy development and implementation of standards, strengthen market supervision activities to enhance public services provided. Focusing on the new situation and new problems, new needs, accelerate research to explore new and innovative policies, supply-side policies to accelerate research on the one hand, on the other hand, emphasis on research and technology-oriented market demand-side policies focus on cultivating new technologies application of the market environment, strengthen consumer policy for enterprise and industrial innovation incentives and support.

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