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    German multi-enterprise joint electric vehicle fast charging piles start network

    TIME:2014-07-17 14:55:15    HITS:3509

    Source: Ministry of Science
        To promote the development of electric transportation thoroughfares in the metropolis along with the construction of a comprehensive transportation network of charging stations is a necessary prerequisite. To this end the German BMW, Daimler, Porsche, Volkswagen and the German energy supply company EnBW, Germany and the two co-publishers German universities jointly launched a major project called "SLAM-fast charging piles network". Within the framework of this project, and for metropolitan traffic arteries, until 2017 plans to build 400 AC and DC fast charging pile, specific targets are reached within half an hour to charge 80% of storage capacity, with the European standard connector CCS All vehicles can be used.
        Project participants on behalf of the company and the University of Hannover Industrial Fair emphasized the importance of "SLAM" project this year to launch a number of new electric car has: a dense, charging time is short, there is a very high performance for everyday use charging station network can be a significant increase in the manufacturer's interest and customer acceptance of the corresponding models. German auto industry giants representatives said they worked closely on the construction of charging infrastructure issues, and has agreed with European partners to develop a common charging standard. Once the standard is determined, will quickly put into practice. Newly installed charging piles have universal access and billing system, which can be used throughout the unified Germany, currently there are still obstacles to the elimination of the use. Furthermore, the existing "state electric vehicle platforms" (NPE) can be integrated into account so that the platform the user-oriented network.
        "SLAM" intent of the project is covered by a comprehensive infrastructure to significantly increase the attractiveness of electric vehicles, the German federal government to accelerate the achievement of 2020 hundred million electric cars on the road goals. Another intention is to win more rapid charging pile investors. German cooperative financial cooperative banking group from publishing for this open head. As a pilot, the company prior to the end of September this year, at least in the relevant bank surrounding the construction of 20 fast charging piles investment, in order to detect its recognition.

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